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Casa Bosques Dark Chocolate, $14

Culture Note:

Casa Bosques Chocolates is a project based on the exploration of the history, methods, origins and culture of chocolate. Building on  foundations of a single origin, bean-to-bar practice, they are constantly experimenting with new techniques in chocolate making. The brand is defined every season by the founders personal life and experiences on traveling and moments we feel inspired by a collection of photos and poems.

Founder Note:

“Each type of Casa Bosques chocolate represents a moment or a place in my life story linked to my own sense of wanderlust. Every time I am somewhere new, I imagine a new chocolate variety to represent that moment, place or emotion. Sometimes that means looking into tradition and experiment with friends and chefs in order to explore and learn from each other.”- Rafael Prieto 

Lovers of the dark,
A break of taste,
Flavorful taste,
Present in its state,
Time in its simplest form,
Formula at its purest,
Be kind to self,
A moment with you,
And deservedly so.

Ingredients: Cacao Nibs Dark Chocolate 72%, Organic Single Origin 

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